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Relatively Plastic

Sectioning your deepest part superficially

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I was born in Rijeka in Yugoslavia in 1984 but then I moved to Italy because of the war in 1991. In 2002 I won a scholarship for an IB two years course in a United World College in India, near Bombay. I came back from India at the beginning of June 2004. I moved to Prague and tried to study film direction there but I did not get in and I came back in January 2005. I worked for 5 months in Italy and managed to get a partial scholarship for York University in Canada. I have landed in Toronto on the 28th August 2005.

For what it concerns me as a person, I would not really know what to say. I hate definitions and categorizations but I might say that I am generally outspoken, contradicting, curious, adventurous, manipulative, sadist, idealistic, impulsive, extreme, etc. Find out for yourself.

My userpic was taken couple of years ago, I look much more tired and dirty now.

I do not have many friends but appear to be very friendly and sociable. Among the thousands of acquaintances I have around the world, only very few can reach into my private life and even though I resent this and is definitely playing a huge role in my disillusionment concerning the human race, it has given me the opportunity to reach good levels of self-sufficiency and autonomy.

I am dying for people who are able to challenge my notions or stands in life, but only occasionaly I bump into this sort of individuals and often they turn out to be as confused as I am and do not offer any solid or sound grip to my relativism.

I deconstruct everything that falls into my range and usually preach the same approach.
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